Kuradeel was one of the 10,000 players who got trapped in the cursed death game, Sword Art Online. He was originally assigned by his guild, Knights of the Blood, to protect Asuna. He was later revealed to be a member of the infamous PK guild, Laughing Coffin.


Kuradeel came with Asuna to Algade as a bodyguard. He was extremely upset when he learned that Asuna was bringing Kirito into her home, in order to cook the Ragout Rabbit's Meat. He became even more suspicious when he learnt that Kirito was a Beater. He made a rash comment about Kirito being a beater, causing an angry Asuna to order him to leave.

The next morning, he was watching Asuna's home, causing her to run away. He explained that he had been doing so since a month ago because it was a part of his duty. He forcefully grabbed Asuna to go back to Knight of Blood HQ, but Kirito intervened and stopped him. Angered by Kirito's declaration of being a better protector, he challenged Kirito to a 1-on-1 duel. During the duel, Kirito used «Sonic Leap» aimed at Kuradeel's weapon's weak point, destroying the sword that lacked durability. Despite Kirito allowing him to use another weapon, Kuradeel admitted defeat, but made a comment of wanting to kill Kirito. He was then ordered by Asuna to go back to HQ and to stay there until further orders. He accepted the order and teleported to Granzam.

After Kirito joined the Knights of the Blood, Kuradeel underwent obligatory training with him, Godfree and another KoB member by heading to the 55th Floor's Labyrinth and fighting their way to the top of it. On their way to the Labyrinth, he tried to kill Kirito by setting a paralyzing trap in the drink. After killing Godfree and the unnamed KoB member, he revealed himself as a member of the Laughing Coffin PKer guild. Kuradeel then started stabbing Kirito with his sword several times. When Kirito's HP was about to reach zero, Asuna reached the scene in time and attacked him. She healed Kirito with a crystal, and continued to fight Kuradeel, easily overpowering him. However, when his HP was nearing depletion, he fooled Asuna into lowering her guard by pleading for his life and telling her that he did not want to die and then used the opening to attack and disarm her. However, Kirito had recovered from his paralysis by then and he sacrificed his own left hand, which would respawn after a few minutes, and defeated Kuradeel with his Martial Arts Skill Embracer. With his final breath, Kuradeel called Kirito a murderer before dying.

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